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The Rules for Getting Rid of Stuff

As you go through your things, ask yourself these questions. If it helps to visualize us hovering over you, that's totally fine and not weird at all.

1. Do I need it?

Some things are just a part of life and will stay with us for better or worse. We don't really love our toaster ovens, but we aren't going to get rid of them. So if you need it, it can stay.

2. Do I ever use it? EVER? Even once a year?

You can confirm that you do use it, even if infrequently. A good example would be a roasting pan. You might use it only on Thanksgiving, but at least  have good intentions, but we also have a limited amount of space.

3. Do I ever WANT to use it?

This question usually applies to things like ice cream makers, fondue sets, and workout equipment.We all so try to picture yourself making ice cream before just buying a pint at the grocery store instead. Yeah, we didn't think so.

4. Do I like it?

Answer honestly. If you do honestly like it, then keep it. You get a full pass for things that make you happy. If you don't like it, answer question number 2 before getting rid of it

5. Is it sentimental?

If the answer is yes, consider just how sentimental it is. Is it your child made you a piece of pottery at someone's birthday party type of sentimental, or is it your grandmother's china that you don't like but you're going to give it to your daughter one day so it becomes her problem type of sentimental? (If you're reading this, Roberta,Clea LOVES Grandma Nancy's china and, um, can't wait for Stella to inherit it.) Depending on whether you deem the item worthy of sentimental attachment,you can make the decision about whether it should be donated or properly stored. It's okay to hold on to something you care about EVEN if you don't really like it, as long as it's not taking up valuable real estate in your home. Utilize the top shelves in your closet; the attic, basement, or garage: or even a storage unit, if needed. Just don't let these items take up vonr evervdav living space, since they don't serve your everyday needs.

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