My wife Gail and I have been a customer of NG Solutions Cleaning for almost 3 months now. We had a really bad dust problem in our townhouse and for the initial cleaning they sent a team of 4 people. They got rid of the dust and our townhouse was spotless in a little under 5 hours. After the initial cleaning they come twice a month with a team of 3 people and they’re done in just a little over an hour. Every time they come they do some little thing that is surprising and unexpected. Today for example, they emptied the small waste container for the paper shredder I’ve got next to my computer desk in the Den. The waste container is translucent black plastic – it’s hard to tell if there’s anything in it unless you pull it out. It’s no big thing but it’s nice to get that kind of service. We are very pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone.

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