Called NG for Party Help. Absolutely awesome. Last minute 3 days prior I asked a friend for a recommendation for party help. He had only used NG for his house cleaning and said they did a great job and knew they also staffed for party help. So called NG solutions for help on Dec 27th, they were so polite on the phone and said they could accommodate my request. Norvelly came to our home to help us serve and clean up for our holiday party. She arrived 20 mins early, which was great so I could familiarize her with our home and the party set up. Throughout the night she helped plate dishes, refill drinks, pick up left plates, napkins and drinks. She even kept up with the bathrooms. Throughout the night Norvelly was accommodating to requests not only from us as the hosts but all our guests. At the end of the night she cleaned ALL dishes pots and pans as well as mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors!! I HIGHLY recommend NG Solutions for Party help!!! Thank you Norvelly!

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