I had a cleaning lady for the last 15 years and she decided to retire. I spoke to a colleague of mine and he referred me to Ng Solutions. This was a hard decision at first since I have only let cleaning person in my home for over a decade. I decided take a chance and called NG solutions and spoke to Valerie. She was extremely pleasant on the phone and ended up coming out to the very next evening to give me a quote and explain in detail what they would be cleaning. They have been cleaning my home for the past 4-5 months and they are also cleaning a few of my family members homes as well. I highly recommend NG Solutions as they are very professional and detail oriented. If you need special attention to a specific area of the house then all you have to do is call Valerie and consider it done. I will continue to use and refer NG Solutions to anyone I come in contact with that is of need a cleaning company. You won’t regret it!

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