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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Renovation projects although fun and exciting will always leave much to clean up after. Primarily they always generate a lot of dust. For this reason, it is always essential to hire a post-construction cleaning service. Dust particles if not cleaned thoroughly will linger for many weeks and can even cause further damage in air-ducts and HVAC. Our unique process will make sure you give the finishing touch to beautify your completed project. We look forward to showing you the NG difference.

Post-construction cleaning services are essential for any commercial or residential cleaning site. The construction itself is a stressful process that soaks out every last drop of sweat from your body, even if you are a construction contractor or the owner. NG Solutions Cleaning provide post-construction cleaning services.


Explaining this Complicated Process

Post-construction cleaning refers to the cleaning that is undertaken right after a construction project is finally completed. No construction project is fully complete until the post-construction cleaning is completed because the construction project may not look the best without the cleaning fully done.

This cleaning will typically be an in-depth scrub down of the construction place, washing walls, sweeping, cleaning windows, and any other parts of the construction project that need to be cleaned up. Doing this cleaning helps ensure that the building will be fully presentable to the client who ordered the construction project.

Typically, the construction crew will complete the post-construction cleaning to do the project, but sometimes you may want to do the cleaning yourself. This could be because you are trying to save money, or perhaps this was a construction project that you had undertaken on your own.

In addition, many construction projects will also need disinfecting services to remove dust and debris that can spread germs and virus. All of this is extremely important to know and should be considered.

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Why is Post Construction Cleaning so Important?

Post-construction cleaning is so essential because, without this part of the construction process, it would not be able to meet client standards. No one wants to receive a home that is dirty and nasty after construction work is done because now you have to do even more work after you move into the building.

It is also a very important thing because it helps construction companies put forth their best foot with clients. If a construction company does not clean up the work that they complete, they are not going to stay in business very long. People want thoroughly done homes when they hire a construction company, not a half-done job.

Having post-construction cleaning done is also extremely important because it will ensure that the people who will be living in this home are safe. There is no worry about there being any glass or nails left behind that you or another person could step on and potentially send you to the hospital.

The three stages of post-construction cleaning

1. Initial/Rough Clean

🔸 Construction debris and trash will be placed in designated waste receptacle.

🔸 Labels and stickers, not required to remain, will be removed from new fixtures.

🔸 Appliance labels and manuals will be gathered and placed in designated location.

🔸 Floor will be broom swept or vacuumed to make ready for more work.

2. Main/ Final Clean

✅ Ceiling fans and vents, floor and return covers cleaned.

✅ Sawdust and drywall dust removed from walls and ceilings.

✅ Interior of cabinets and drawers vacuumed.

✅ Woodwork including doors, frames, trim, cabinets, drawers, shelves and moldings will be wiped down.

✅ All surfaces such as countertops cleaned off.

✅ Mirrors, porcelain and chrome fixtures neat and polished.

✅ Restroom fixtures including sinks, toilets, urinals, showers and tubs will be tidy.

✅ Hard floors will be vacuumed, dust mopped and swept.

3. Touch-up/Re-Clean

🔸 All areas will be lightly touched-up and dusted to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance.

🔸 Restrooms will be touched up to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance.

🔸 Kitchen will be touched up to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance.

🔸 Floors will be vacuumed as needed to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance.

Benefits of Hiring a Post-Cleaning Service


To ensure safety, it will be great to hire a post-cleaning service. When your construction is done, some dust and debris left may be sharp and affect you. The cleaners will clean all the leftover materials from your home and provide a cleaner space. The professional cleaners have enough experience and knowledge in this field. They will do their work by following all the safety precautions. They know how to deal with such a situation without damaging your space.

Save time

By hiring a professional cleaner, you can save your time and effort. This service is also cost-effective. Instead of purchasing various equipment and cleaning materials, it will be best to hire a post-cleaning construction service. When you hire an agency, then the company will cover all the cleaning equipment through their side. You don’t have to purchase a single cleaning product. So, in this way you can save your time also.

Ng Solutions Cleaning | Benefits of Hiring a Post-Cleaning Service
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Professional touch

By hiring a professional cleaner, you can give a professional cleaning touch to your home. With professional cleaners’ help, you will get a detailed and completely cleaning space within a limited period. Provide a high quality of service and ensures you provide a sparkling and healthy space to live.

A solution to proper disposal

Disposing the garbage or other leftover materials from a construction site is not as easy as it seems. There are certain rules and regulations for this. It will be necessary to follow the guidelines; otherwise, you may face some legal issues. The best cleaning agency always follows these guidelines. They have proper knowledge of these things. That is why it is essential to hire a cleaning agency in comparison to a local cleaner.


This is the easiest, convenient, and reliable service because you have complete access to decide on a cleaning schedule. You have to provide time for the agency. After hiring them, they will send their team within half an hour. You can set the days and times as per your reliability. With the help of them, you can receive peace of mind by saving your energy.

Other than these, there are various things that you may benefit from hiring a professional post-construction cleaning service.

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Hire NG Solution Cleaning as Your Post-Construction Cleaning Company

Post-construction cleaning is an extremely important portion of any construction project and should not be forgotten when completing a construction project. Make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned and nothing is skipped during any of the three cleaning phases. You now know everything you need to know about what is post construction cleaning.

Our proficient and experienced team will provide you in-depth cleaning of the post-construction mess. They are highly equipped with the required skill-set that makes them reliable for this job. So, do not waste a single second and give us a call to get the best post-construction cleaning at reasonable rates.

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Whether it’s your home or a business building, you’ll want to know when you’ll be able to move back in. Depending on the size of the building and the current conditions, it might take between a couple of hours up to a couple of days. Feel free to ask your company for an estimate. You’ll need to provide some information for a more precise answer. They’ll need to know the square footage of the place, current pictures of the interior, and possibly floor plans.


You can do some prep work to help the pros finish their job faster. However, if some of the construction work will still be in progress when they start the clean up, they’ll need to know about it in order to organize and optimize their crew’s work. For example, if the painting part is still not over, they’ll first do a rough tidying and then come back for the final clean once painting is done.

Insured and licensed contractor

This goes for any contractor you hire to perform any kind of job on your site. Rules and regulations that apply serve to protect both you and the contractor and their staff, so don’t hesitate to ask the company for a valid Certificate of Insurance for workers compensation and general liability. Don’t settle for less-than-leading and reputable professionals, as it might end up costing you in the end.

Cost and coverage

Based on quite a few pieces of information, your provider will be able to calculate the total cost and give you a quote. The information they need in order to do this is actually the same as what they need for the time estimate.

This will help them determine how many technicians will be on site as well as what tools and supplies they’ll need to use. This is also a great moment to ask what exactly they will cover.


If you have any special requirements or additional parts of your home or office you’d like the company to cover, make sure you inform them about it on time, best at your first contact. That way, you’ll know on time if they can meet your requirements as well as the actual time and cost.