Ng Solutions Cleaning | Our Home Cleaning Service
Ng Solutions Cleaning | Our Home Cleaning Service

Our Home Cleaning Service Will Make It Look Like You Were Never There

Moving can be stressful, whether you are moving-in or moving-out, you still have to deal with some kind of stress. The last thing you want to do after finally packing everything up and taking the next step… is clean. While it may be the least thing you are looking forward to, it is a very important step in the process!

If you are moving in, whether you own the home or are renting, you want to feel like your home is clean and ready to be lived in. You don’t want to have to deal with cleaning while you still have things around the house and finally settled in!

If you are moving out and you own the home, it is always a nice gesture to leave the house cleaned up to help the new person moving-in and of course, when you put it on the market and start showings- it helps sell the home quicker! If you are moving out of a rented property and want to avoid losing your deposit for not cleaning, using our move-out services will help guarantee you that deposit!

What gets done?

Move-in/out Cleaning: A per person/per hour job that includes labor, insurance, equipment, and supplies. Here is a brief list* of some details we focus on

Ng Solutions Cleaning | KITCHEN AREA

✅ The oven and fridge will be cleaned inside and behind.

✅ Clean cabinets and pantries inside and out from top to bottom.

✅ Clean the refrigerator.

✅ Clean the Oven.

✅ Sanitize sink, drain and disposal.

✅ Clean the Dishwasher.

✅ Disinfect countertops.

Ng Solutions Cleaning | ALL ROOMS

✅ A set of sliding doors will be cleaned inside and out.

✅ Clean inside closets and doors.

✅ Vacuum carpets and mop floors.

✅ Remove cobwebs from the ceiling.

✅ Dust the blinds.

✅ Wash windows.

✅ Remove nails and patches on walls.

✅ Check the lights.

✅ Check the smoke detector.

Ng Solutions Cleaning | BATHROOMS

✅ Clean shower and/or bathtub (toilet if necessary).

✅ Clean inside and out all vanities.

✅ Clean mirrors and lights.

✅ Vacuum and mop.

✅ Sanitize the Vanity.

✅ Disinfect the Toilet.

✅ Dust the Vent.

✅ Mop the Floor.

*This list is not an all-inclusive list of the services we provide for our move-in/out package. It is a short list to demonstrate important details that are done to ensure the best cleaning for this package.

Steps for Move-in/Out

Welcome a new year, a new home, and for some, the start of a new chapter

At NG Solutions Cleaning, we offer a number of resources to help you prepare for your move, check-in, relocation and arrival in that new place, to make the transition as simple and seamless as possible.

Step 1

Ng Solutions Cleaning | Preparing to Move In

Preparing to Move In

Step 2

Ng Solutions Cleaning | Time to Check In

Time to Check In

Step 3

Ng Solutions Cleaning | Preparing to Move Out

Preparing to Move Out

Step 4

Ng Solutions Cleaning | Now You're Home!

Now You're Home!

What’s the Difference?

A common confusion is the difference between a move-in and move-out cleaning, and for us it lies in the details!

When performing a move-in cleaning, we understand that someone is moving into the home, so we need to make sure that the home is left in conditions that our client feels comfortable sleeping there the first night! When performing the cleaning, we look for details that we would see if it was our own home and how we would like it. You are paying for a service so that your home is move-in ready, not so that you have to clean it again after we leave!

When we perform a move-out cleaning, it is done with a more general focus. The main goal for move-out cleaning is to make sure that the property is more “aesthetically clean”. We want to make sure that you look good if you are showing your home; and more importantly if you are renting and are looking to receive your deposit back, our move-out cleaning is a necessity! By choosing our move-out package, you are making an investment to receive more benefits from it in the long run.

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I hired NG Solutions to do a deep cleaning of my house, and the entire crew went above and beyond to make sure everything that was scheduled in the initial invoice was finished. Their attention to detail was impressive, and the deep cleaning they did makes it feel like I’m in a brand new house. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a cleaning company they can trust to keep their word and get the job done.
Fantastic cleaning company. They are always on time, open to new requests for a specific cleaning session, always incredibly kind and upbeat. They are also great with pets. I can't thank them enough for keeping our home clean!

Patti Lauderdale

starts 1

NG Solutions is a fabulous company that provides the very best cleaning services. I’ve needed to revise my cleaning services needs and they’re ready and willing to help us. All of their employees are amazingly helpful and do the best cleaning job!!

Carls Barber

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Unbelievable the best cleaning company I have ever come across. They are so professional and they really attend to your needs without any hesitation or any excuses my shop never looked so good thank you to the crew of Sergio and Nobelly.. trust me you will not be disappointed I guarantee you my shop looks like brand new. Call them you won't be disappointed your business will never look so good I am so pleased with them and their work. God bless them. Thanks again!!
Great team - been using them several years now and recommend them to anyone who asks.
NG Solutions Cleaning provide professional quality services for all my cleaning needs every time. I would recommend their services in a minute.