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Five Ideas to Upgrade Your MAILBOX

Mailboxes are home essentials, but they don’t all have to look similar. If you’ve grown tired of a plain, neutral mailbox, consider these five creative concepts that can boost your home’s curb appeal.


Declutter and downsize

You don’t want to dust or rearrange items you’re inevitably going to get rid of, so the first step of your spring-cleaning should be to declutter. Consider taking this process room by room to make it more efficient.


Wouldn’t it be a little more interesting to pop open a fish’s mouth when you check your mail? Design your mailbox around personal hobbies for a curb feature that’s wholly unique to you. Companies like the MailboxWorks supply novelty boxes with hobbyist themes like fishing, golf, and the arts. You can also order custom boxes inspired by your interests from Etsy creators.


Of course, you don’t need to buy a whole new mailbox to boost its curb appeal. Consider painting yours a bright, adventurous color that catches people’s attention from down the street. Do you need color inspiration? Match your mailbox with floral colors in your landscaping or accent colors in your home’s facad


You can also use your mailbox to bring lush foliage right up to the curb. Install a brick or wooden planter beside your mailbox, and plant attractive flora to share a little sweet aroma and color with your mail carrier.


Show your pride with a mailbox that doubles as a flag post. Install a simple flag bracket on one side of your mailbox to hang a flag at a 45-degree angle, or install a horizontal post so your flag can droop straight downward. Fly the US flag, your alma mater’s flag, or even a personal-interest banner.


Mailboxes can be quirky and fun, but if you want to lend elegant dignity to your curb, install a mailbox made of intricate wrought iron. Weather-resistant and sure to impress, a wrought-iron mailbox atop a stone or brick base will make your house the most impressive address on the block. If a plain, forgettable mailbox is giving you the itch to get creative, try one of these five unique ideas. You can upgrade your mailbox from a curbside necessity to a feature that will turn heads



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