Carpet Cleaning Services

We customize our office cleaning program specifically suited to your needs

Neutralize Odors in Carpets

Your home is filled with odors that get trapped in the fibers of your carpet. From cooking to pets and kids, some of these stubborn odors can linger even after a professional cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning company has the solution to lingering smells. With our deodorizer, we can knock out even the toughest of odors, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh.

Even odors from pet accidents are no match for Ng Solutions Cleaning!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Specialized Service

Carpet Cleaning has been around since the 1800s during the industrial revolution, and the reason is not because it is a luxury but because it is a necessity. As with every aspect of our services, what we offer is not a solution to our problems but a solution to yours. We care about the health of our clients and with every service, we strive to do what we can to help you live a healthier life. Carpet cleaning is a service that can often be misunderstood for doing it solely for looks but it is far more than that.

What comes up must come down, it is the law of gravity. Dust, pollen, and dangerous particles are just a few things that are trapped inside your carpets, and most times people do not even know! You may not know but carpets can act as air filters because they absorb many harmful things in the air, but with that being said, it just means that you need to perform carpet cleaning frequently.

Whether you are in need of residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, or both- we are here to service those needs!

A Peek into the Process

An initial thorough walk-through of the carpeted area will be performed prior to carpet cleaning. During this time, the technician will be identifying carpet fiber types, heavily soiled areas and/or possibly permanent stains. The area will be cleared as much as possible, to allow for a smooth, complete, and effective carpet cleaning process while minimizing any unnecessary disruption. All necessary supervision, equipment and supplies will be provided by NG Solutions. Any moved furniture, chairs, and other items will be returned as close to their original location as possible, unless doing so would slow or inhibit thorough drying.

We at NG Solutions are the carpet cleaning professionals that you need! Understanding the difficulty of carpets and the various ways in which they can be cleaned, is something that takes time and experience. Not every carpet is made of the same fibers and if treated the same, you can begin to see things like over wetting, shrinkage, browning, fiber abrasion or even mildew. Our cleaning technicians are skilled and certified in what they do. A lengthy course must be passed before becoming a technician and additional course refreshers and updates are given periodically to maintain and learn new knowledge.

Why Choose Us

A Deeper Clean for a Healthier Home

Did you know your carpets help filter the air inside your home? Carpet fibers trap dirt and allergens, which keeps them from circulating in the air you breathe.

But without regular deep cleaning, dirty carpets will become full and unable to trap additional dirt and grime.

Our innovative cleaning process is proven to remove an average of 98.1% of non-living allergens from carpets, such as pet dander and dust mite matter. It also uses about 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning. That means faster drying times and less risk of mold or mildew growth due to wet carpets.

Certified Carpet Cleaning Solution

Unlike other cleaners, NG Solutions Cleaning doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals or soapy detergents.

Instead of using detergents, NG Solutions Cleaning uses carbonation to clean carpet fibers. The solution releases millions of tiny carbonated bubbles that reach deep into your carpets. These bubbles loosen dirt, grit, and grime and lift them to the surface.

That makes NG Solutions Cleaning a perfect choice for a healthier home.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

What is the problem? 

Having an unclean carpet can bring many problems and these problems affect you, your family, and your home!

What happens if you don’t clean your carpets? When you don’t clean your carpets, you are affecting your health because unclean carpets can cause breathing problems, allergies, and diseases. You begin to experience stains, odors, and lesser quality. However, the problem is not only that all these things happen throughout time, but the problem is also that you may not even have the time to clean it! With all the things on your already-full schedule, the last thing you should be doing is trying to figure out how you can clean your carpets because, it really can be a hassle!

What is the solution? 

We are! Carpet cleaning is not a preference, it is essential and a necessity. To beat these problems, you should have a professional cleaning company perform an in-depth carpet cleaning. For our residential carpet cleaning, we use what is called the Hot Water Extraction System. With this system, a hot water solution is pumped with a machine into the carpet which releases dirt, bacteria, and more that are found deep within the carpet fibers. Then, the dirt filled water is extracted leaving the carpets clean and ready to enjoy.


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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

What is the problem? 

Running a business is not easy, and we understand that. Having a business that has carpeted areas can begin to become a problem if not properly taken care of. With office furniture and higher traffic, your carpets will begin to dull out and carry more and more bacteria throughout time. A dirty carpet can put off potential clients but more importantly it affects not just your health but the health of all your employees. Healthy employees are hard working employees and that is better for your business. Along with the bad health effects, if your carpet is not properly maintained and cleaned, it will need to be replaced sooner which is a higher cost for your business.

What is the solution? 

Frequent carpet cleaning by professionals saves you time and saving you time, saves you money. When you choose to have your carpets professionally cleaned, you are choosing to protect your investment into the business. Clean carpets are not only better for your appearance, but it is better for your productivity. You are creating a better work environment, reducing sick staff absences, and saving money in the long run, all while you get to rest and have our technicians take care of it. For our commercial carpet cleaning, we use what is called the bonnet-pad system. With this system, a circular pad is placed on a rotary machine and while rotating on the carpet fibers, there is a solution being released. Due to the rotation, it causes the dirt in carpets to be lifted and absorbed by the pad, leaving you with a cleaner carpet.

Our Guarantee

Simply put, our goal at Ng Solutions Cleaning is to obtain 100% satisfaction in our service. No fine print. No asterisks. No worries.



A money-back guarantee, also known as a satisfaction guarantee, if a buyer is not satisfied with a product or service.


Cleaning Products

Because indoor pollution rates are typically higher than outdoor pollution rates, we take dust removal seriously.



Precision cleaning is required throughout such a broad range of modern industries that it might be more.


250,000 Cleans

Our microfiber cloths, which capture dust and dirt rather than move it around, last longer than traditional cotton.


NG Solutions Cleaning wants to answer any possible questions you may have about our commercial cleaning services.

What does our service include?

Your carpets will get a healthy deep cleaning, using our innovative Hot Carbonating Extraction process.
This process penetrates to the base of carpets to lift and whisk away dirt, grime, and non-living allergens. By removing these contaminants, we not only improve the appearance of carpets otherwise we also improve the health of your home.

Do we move furniture while carpet cleaning?

Yes! We do move furniture in order to maximize the best results of your cleaning. The moving of furniture is not an extra cost and will be handled with care. Once the cleaning has been done, if the conditions permit, all furniture will be returned to its place. Please note, there is an exception on moving certain items like pianos, china cabinets, pool tables, etc. We will move most furniture that can be safely moved without damaging either our technicians or your property.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Our carpet cleaning costs depend on room size and difficulty. Pricing through these means allows us to give a more accurate pricing fit to your rooms specific size and the state of your carpets.

What kind of carpet cleaning is best?

Every carpet and carpet fibers are different. You should always have a professional technician evaluate your carpet before proceeding to work. There are several different forms of carpet cleaning that can be done; however, we carefully perform hot-water extraction and the bonnet pad system for our carpet cleaning.