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We understand that circumstances can change and you may need to cancel your recurring cleaning services. To ensure that we can process your request in a timely and efficient manner, we kindly ask that you complete the cancellation of service form.
We do not require a contract, so you may cancel your recurring services at any time. Once we receive your completed cancellation form, we will confirm the cancellation of services and any associated fees or refunds. Please note that any cancellation requests made within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment will result in a cancellation fee, which will be added to your next cleaning appointment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us provide the best service possible.

This agreement may be terminated or canceled at any time with a minimum of fifteen (15) days written notice from either party. NG Solutions requires your cancellation to be effective only after we complete your next scheduled service from the moment of cancellation. If you discontinue service and later reinstate services, you may receive a new rate.

By signing the quote sent to you through your client hub, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the services provided by NG Solutions Cleaning.

Note: Any points accumulated on the account are non-transferrable and do not carry-over should you return.