A starter home is usually one that’s more modest in size, typically three bedrooms or less, under 1,800 square feet, and at the lower end of the price range in a local real estate market. starter homes will often need some repairs or updating but are a great entry point if you are a young buyer and have a limited amount of money for a down payment.
If you have a pet, then you know they can cause accidents and other messes that can damage your floors and furnishings. Use this guide to durable home finishes so you can keep Fluffy and Fido and still have a beautiful home.
Any homeowners have actively sought open floor plans, looking for homes with a kitchen, living room, and dining room that all meld together on the main floor. It’s an appealing concept since the open space has multiple functions. However, the tide has turned in recent years, bringing a new contender to the forefront of home design—the broken-plan layout.
Whether you are a veteran mover, haven’t moved in years, or are a first-timer, the process can be overwhelming. If you are planning a local or long-distance move, organizing and planning well enough in advance can be the key to a successful experience.
If you have just moved from another area and are not sure who to call, conduct a thorough online search. Websites such as Angi, HomeAdvisor (now owned by Angi), Thumbtack, Houzz, and Consumers' Checkbook can all provide great recommendations.
Spring can be a beautiful time of year, but there’s one aspect of the season that some people find not so glamorous—spring-cleaning. If your deep-cleaning efforts are as perennial as the flowers in your garden, you’ll want to make the most of the time you spend tidying up. The guide that follows can help you plan, declutter, and organize your spaces to start the season with a clean slate.
You might want a kitchen pantry filled with neatly arranged and labeled glass containers to contain all your dry goods, but if your storage space is tiny or features musty bottles of expired spices and various boxes crammed together, all hope is not lost. Follow this guide to create an orderly, functional, and, yes, beautiful pantry space.
HEPA is a type of pleated mechanical air filter. It is an acronym for “high efficiency particulate air [filter]” as officially defined by U.S.
As you go through your things, ask yourself these questions. If it helps to visualize us hovering over you, that's totally fine and not weird at all.
Experts believe up to 70% of U.S. households have some kind of mold. Mold can cause asthma, allergies and upper respiratory infections.

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