What are the benefits of HEPA vacuum cleaner?

We use equipment that is not just better for your home but more importantly for your health too!

With our 5-filtered HEPA vacuum, we can ensure that the air you are breathing is healthier and your home feels lighter.

Our vacuum is a multi use device that allows us to perform at a higher capacity and bring the benefits to our clients.

A backpack vacuum takes the vacuum off the floor, ensuring that every crevice can be seen and clean. Whatever kind of flooring you have, the vacuum we use can get the job done. Whether it is tile, marble, laminate, carpet, or rugs- we get the job done! There are times where someone can get stuck with using one device over and over and sometimes not seeing a change in results. To be sure our results are seen, we use the tools needed to get right in every groove or situation so that no dust or dirt is left unseen.

A few of our vacuum accessories and their uses are:

  • Crevice Tool- This is used to get in hard to reach places, like door tracks, baseboards, behind or beside furniture, etc. Perfect for deep cleaning around corners and tight spaces
  • Soft Dusting Brush - This is used on areas that may have large amounts of dust; or gently removes dust and allergens from windows, AC Vents, Blinds, etc.
  • Upholstery Tool- This is used on fabric furniture that has lots of loose hair on it, allows to target the hair to remove most of it
  • Carpet Brush- This attachment is used on high-pile carpets and has different heights to be sure we are getting as much dust and dirt as possible
  • Telescoping wand and Xover Floor Tool-  All-in-one tool for low-pile carpets and hard surfaces

While all these tools are great, they are not the best part. The best part is the 5-filters we mentioned earlier! Each filter has a different purpose but all for the same goal in the end...to provide a better and healthier clean.

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