How NG Solutions Can Help You Fight COVID-19

Cleanliness is Key

We all know how important it is to protect ourselves during this challenging pandemic. The CDC, WHO, and many other health officials have advised on what we should be doing to keep ourselves safe. One of the biggest things has been cleanliness. We go through our daily lives not realizing how many times we encounter harmful germs and bacteria and all the familiar places they stay!

It’s important to know that it is about what you do and how you do it. People selling disinfections are everywhere now. However, those can be misleading. Disinfections work in different ways, but if not done correctly, it doesn’t work! NG Solutions has dedicated many hours in new training to follow the latest protocols & stay up to date on the best practices. We do all of this while incorporating the knowledge and experience we already have! Let’s take a deeper dive into the PPE we use, the disinfection process we go through, the types of disinfection we offer, the UVC LED Sterilizing wand, and our steamer system!

Safety Precautions

Proper PPE helps reduce your chances of catching this virus, and we understand the severity of that. Our cleaning technicians are going into every home with their facial coverings (mask), shoe covers, and new pairs of gloves. Our cleaning technicians wear face masks in the company car too. We have PPE, but we also ensure that the buckets & equipment entering your house are disinfected beforehand, and at the end of each day, our cars are disinfected too! We updated our PPE procedures for the safety of our clients and our staff.

COVID19 safety disinfection

Protection by Disinfection

You cannot receive proper disinfection if the person performing it is not taking the appropriate care & measures of safety! This brings me to my next point. After much training and research, we offer three different disinfection treatments, COVID-19. Our COVID-19 Disinfection Services: Confirmed Case Treatment, Preventative Treatment, and Recurring Treatment. Taking it a step further, we also use UVC LED Sterilizing wands as another method of disinfection! Lastly, we know that just because something may look clean does not mean it is. We made sure we chose a technique that cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects. We use a steamer system with some of our packages, which allows your home to be clean and have a healthier environment! Steamers fight against harmful bacteria & have been recommended to use when sanitizing for COVID-19.

We have understood and taken significant consideration for our clients in creating a new way of doing things to help bring safety. Many have thanked us for our work, but to them, we say thank you for trusting us!

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