Happiness is a choice we should all strive for!

Happiness is a choice.


“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”

-Valerie Bertinelli.


A quote says, “Happiness is a choice,” and while this may be true, it is hard. It is hard, especially on our difficult days. When we feel like nothing is working out and happiness is not the first thing on our minds. We may not understand why things happen to us or how they happen, but you can do something to improve your life’s happiness. Happiness can predict health & longevity, and everyone has the power to make small changes in their behavior.

When you think about the small changes in our behavior, I know that it is “easier said than done”… But if you search around, you will find helpful ways to change those behaviors. The NY Times has an article that writes about “How to Be Happy,” This article talks about several aspects of your life that you can change to live a happier life. In this article, not everything is so easy to change, like moving to a new country. However, within the sections, there are small things you can change! To change those things, we all need to understand happiness better.


Being happy or live a happier life?


We need to know that there is a difference between being happy and living a happier life. There are two forms of happiness, and many don’t know that. With one, you may be satisfied at the moment, and the other is about being happy in the long run. Both are important, but we need to be realistic enough to know that it is impossible to be happy all the time. Life is not stagnant, and there will always be ups and downs, so your mood will change, and there is nothing wrong with that. What matters is how you handle those ups and downs and how they reflect on your life. You can find a lovely outlook of the different forms of happiness here.



In conclusion:


Knowing what we know now, I feel that we can implement the changes toward living a happier life! Whether that is doing activities that make you happy, having a clean home, spending time with loved ones, or any of the other things that help you on the path to a happier life. It turns out that among those things, having a clean home is an important one! Scientists have found that having a clean home actually makes you happier, and here you can find out more. Being in NG Solutions Cleaning, we get to build a relationship with our clients. We have the chance to see the effects that a clean home brings them. We can help our clients live a happier life, and for that, we are grateful, and we will continue to strive to help bring happiness to the lives around us!

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