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We provide professional house cleaning services with 15 years of experience. We also specialize in office, post-construction, carpet, and window cleaning.


Spring/Fall Cleaning

Move in/out

Clean windows and glass

Empty trash

Vacuum under beds, all area floors, carpet and stairs

Disinfect and clean Toilets, tubs, showers, sinks and counter tops

Change linens, if available, and make beds

Clean the floors

Don’t hesitate to contact Ng Solutions Cleaning today if you need house cleaning services in the Davie area or Broward County. Our skilled employees will work hard to keep your home or office in tip-top shape, and we offer flexible appointment availability and recurring cleaning options.

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Our technicians use a powerful disinfectant and sanitizer in addition to their other cleaning supplies. Not only will this be used to disinfect our cleaning equipment before and after each home is cleaned, but it will also be used on high-risk, high-touch areas in your home.

We also use products that meet the criteria of the EPA, specifically for use against the corona-virus.

While cleaning your homes, our technicians will maintain at least a 6-foot distance from any occupants. This will include your pets.

Based on the most recent business guidelines from the CDC on social distancing, we have changed the way we do the schedule to incorporate more 2 technician routes.  We have also limited the days our technicians come into the office to pick up supplies and route information.

Your cleaning times may increase, but it is in everyone’s best interest to prevent any potential spread of the Coronavirus. We appreciate your understanding as we implement this policy.

It always has been a priority in our cleaning protocols well before the issues with COVID-19. In the cleaning industry, preventing cross-contamination both within and between jobs is built into the way we do business.

Many of these practices to help prevent issues with cross-contamination are not new to our cleaning technicians. Rest assured that our technicians are already well trained in preventing cross-contamination while cleaning homes.

Our employees will disinfect their hands and put on gloves immediately before entering each home. They are also wearing shoe covers at all jobs. Gloves are changed during the cleaning as well to prevent cross-contamination between different areas of the home.

Equipment such as vacuums or scrub brushes is thoroughly disinfected with our sanitation and disinfecting products in between each job as well.

In the meantime, having professional house cleaning services is an important component in overall defense against the spread of the virus, and we will continue to provide this essential service along with the quality you have come to expect.

If you or a member of your household has had COVID-19 or tested positive for the coronavirus, please cancel all cleanings until you or they have been symptom-free for at least two weeks. You must let us know- we care about your safety, our staff, and the community. Taking these measures can help us prevent the further spread of the virus. In fact, during this time we would love it if you could share our name with your friends and family. If you know someone who could benefit from our services, please send them our way. Gift cards are also a great option to spread the cleaning love, and they can be easily purchased online.

Currently, no one at our company has contracted the virus, nor been in contact with someone who has. Our technicians are as concerned about getting sick as we know you must be, but they also want to have work if they are healthy.

All employees who are eligible will receive paid sick leave at this time of crisis. We make it clear to employees that they are to stay home if they aren’t feeling well, without risking their job or paycheck.

Many employees have PTO in addition to sick pay, and we are educating all employees on additional benefit packages if they do need to take time off if they or a family member becomes ill.

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